About Us

About Us

School History

The Life-Force School of Counselling was established in 1995. The School provides a Counselling Training Programme which first gained BACP course accreditation in February 2005 and has thereafter been delivering a BACP Accredited Training Programme every year. The School is proud to be the first training provider to successfully gain BACP course re-accreditation to Gold Book Standards in 2010 and course re-accreditation has been achieved in 2015 and recently in 2020.

BACP writes “Please accept our congratulations on being the first course to successfully meet and demonstrate the Gold Book requirements. Also, our sincere thanks for all the hard work LIFE-FORCE has put into maintaining and developing the accreditation status of the course.”
The Assessor “… commends the course for its reflective and diligent work in reviewing its processes in line with current developments in the profession. She further congratulates LIFE-FORCE School of Counselling on being the first course to be ready to meet the high standard of professional excellence represented by Gold Book accreditation as it becomes operative in 2014.”


Course Director and Management Team

Katrina Fassnidge, the Course Director, took over the business from Nicole Joyce in February 2019. Katrina is sole proprietor and is responsible for the day to day running  of the School and the management of the Course Tutors, Students and their clinical placements. She is actively supported by the Management Team which is comprised of Nicole Joyce as Development Manager regarding on-going course development and Rosemary Shaw as Course Supervisor regarding Risk Management and Student Support Plans.


BACP is an independent professional organisation who accredit counselling courses, organisation’s and individual counsellors. To become a BACP Accredited Counsellor, the practitioner needs to complete 450 counselling training hours and a minimum of 450 hours of supervised counselling practice over a period of 3-5 years. Students who successfully complete the Level 4 Diploma Integrative Counselling will have the required number of training hours to enable them to work towards individual BACP accreditation.

Our Professional Standards

The School is an Organisational Member of BACP and as such is bound by the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. Furthermore, as the Course Training Programme is BACP Accredited the School also adheres to and implements the BACP Gold Book Course Accreditation criteria and standards.